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S3 Access Logs

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) access logs provide detailed records of requests made to an S3 bucket. These logs are crucial for understanding how the data in your bucket is being accessed and by whom. Here is a comprehensive overview of S3 access logs: Enabling S3 Access Logging Access Log Format Access logs are written […]

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MFA Delete in S3

In Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) security, MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) Delete is a feature that adds an extra layer of protection to prevent accidental or malicious deletion of data. What is MFA Delete? MFA Delete is a security feature in Amazon S3 that requires users to provide an additional authentication factor, in addition to the

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What is CORS in AWS?

CORS, or Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, is a security feature implemented by web browsers to allow or restrict resources (such as fonts, scripts, or data) to be requested from a domain other than the one that served the original resource. CORS, or Cross-Origin Resource Sharing Scenario Workflow Example CORS Headers When responding to the preflight request,

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Amazon S3 Security

Bucket and Object Encryption Objects in S3 can be encrypted in 4 ways: Server-Side Encryption(SSE) Client Side Encryption Encryption in Transit(SSL/TLS) Amazon S3 Exposes 2 endpoints: HTTPS is recommended on AWS. If using SSE-C, HTTPS is mandatory Force Encryption in Transit Example of enforcing HTTPS with a Bucket Policy

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S3 Storage Lens

Amazon S3 Storage Lens is an analytics feature desgined to help gain valuable insights into object storage usage and activity trends. How Does Storage Lens Work Provides insights through interactive dashboards and metrics to help optimize storage costs and enhance security by identifying potenial risks. Key Features of S3 Storage Lens – Account Metrics: Provices

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