Steps in Analysing Data

Here are the steps involved in analysing data: load the datasets Viewing the data Cleaning the data visualizing the data load the datasets #For the example below, we will be exploring the tidyverse package. install.packages(‘tidyverse’) #activate the tidyverse library. library(tidyverse) 2. Viewing the Data # to preview the data we will use the head() function.

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The aesthetics is defined as the visual property of an object in your plot. The aes() function is partially responsible for what the data points look like in R. There are three aesthetic attributes in ggplot2: Color: this allows you to change the color of all of the points on your plot, or the color

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What is ggplot2? The ggplot2 package lets you make high quality, customizable plots of your data ggplot2 is based on the grammar of graphics – a system for describing and building data visualizations The idea behind grammar of graphics is that all graphics are built from the same foundation. The foundation of a grammar graphics:

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