Renaming a column

#Renaming a column. To rename a column, write the desired name after the table name. SELECT col#, segcollength, offset, name COLUMN_NAME, type#, length FROM col$; <Output>   Quoted Identifier: A quoted identifier begins and ends with double quotation marks (“). If you name a schema object using a quoted identifier, then you must use the

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SELECT Statement

The SELECT statement can print the information on the screen in a new pane. Clauses that make up the SELECT statement: SELECT FROM HWERE GROUP BY HAVING ORDER BY We can select the entire table or we can specify the columns that we want to select. for example, if we want to get all the

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Install Oracle SQL

Here’s a general guide on how to install Oracle Database XE on a Windows computer: Download Oracle Database XE: Visit the official Oracle website to download the Oracle Database XE installation package once it’s released for Oracle Database 21c. Make sure you download the Windows x64 version. Run the Installer: Locate the downloaded installer package

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