The LEAD function is used to retrieve upcoming rows based on a specified ordering. It’s essentially the opposite of the LAG function, which looks at previous rows.

  • Syntax: LEAD(expression, offset [, default]) OVER (partition_by_clause ORDER BY ordering_expression ASC/DESC)
  • Arguments:
    • expression: The value to be retrieved from the upcoming row.
    • offset: An optional integer specifying how many rows to skip before retrieving the value. A positive offset means moving forward, while a negative offset (not supported by all databases) means looking backward.
    • default: An optional value to be returned if the requested row doesn’t exist.
    • partition_by_clause: An optional clause to divide the data into partitions before applying the LEAD function.
    • ORDER BY ordering_expression ASC/DESC: Specifies the order in which to consider the rows.
Description of lead.eps follows

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