MOD(): Modular Arithmetic

The MOD() function, short for modulo, is a useful mathematical function in SQL that calculates the remainder when one number is divided by another.



MOD(dividend, divisor)

  • Dividend: The number you want to divide.
  • Divisor: The number by which the dividend is divided.

-- Calculate the remainder when 10 is divided by 3
SELECT MOD(10, 3) AS remainder;

Common Use Cases:

  1. Cyclic Operations: MOD() is often used for cyclic operations, such as cycling through a set of values or assigning items to groups in a round-robin fashion.
  2. Data Distribution: It can be handy for evenly distributing data into a specified number of buckets or partitions.
  3. Conditional Operations: The MOD() function is useful in creating conditional statements based on remainders, helping to categorize or filter data accordingly.

Caution: When using the MOD() function, it’s essential to consider potential division by zero errors. Always ensure that the divisor is not zero before applying the MOD() function in your queries.

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