R- Manipulating Rows: filter/ Slice


  • Used to subset or filter rows based on specific conditions.
  • It retains all rows that satisfy the condition
  • To be retained, all the values in the row must evaluate to TRUE


Useful filter functions

There are many functions and operators that are useful when constructing the expressions used to filter the data:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3: filter using the %in%

Example 3


  • Extract rows in a dataset by its position
  • slice() lets you index rows by their (integer) locations
  •  It allows you to select, remove, and duplicate rows.

Slice Helper Functions

  • slice_head() and slice_tail() select the first or last rows.
  • slice_sample() randomly selects rows.
  • slice_min() and slice_max() select rows with the smallest or largest values of a variable.

by = NULL,
with_ties = TRUE,
na_rm = FALSE

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