R Pipe Operator (%>%)

  • A powerful and popular feature introduced by the magrittr package
  • Widely used in conjunction with the dplyr package for data manipulation
  • makes it easier to write and read code by chaining together a sequence of operations in a more natural, left-to-right order.
  • The pipe operator takes the output of the expression on its left side and feeds it as the first argument to the function on its right side
  • This helps in avoiding nested function calls and enhances the readability of code.
  • Shortcut for pipe operator symbol ( %>%) in r on Windows (Ctrl + Shift + M)


Piping With Data Wrangling Operations

1. Load Necessary Packages:

2. Import Data

3. Take a Peek at the Data

4. Start Wrangling With Pipes

Here’s a common sequence of data wrangling actions in R using the pipe operator (%>%):

Example: Let us count the amount of cars from the mpg package that are Toyota

From the above, notice the sequence: 1. select the data frame 2. filter the variable(column)

Pipe Operator in Action

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