The WHERE clause is not needed with GROUP BY clauses. The columns being selected must be included in the GROUP BY CLAUSE SELECT NAME FROM col$ WHERE COL# = 1 GROUP BY NAME; so if I wanted to include two columns: name, age. I would have have to include them in the GROUP BY clause. […]

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WHERE Clause

#Renaming a column with the AS command. SELECT col#, segcollength, offset, name AS COLUMN_NAME, type#, length FROM col$ WHERE COL# = 1; Rules: Where clause requires the original column name. They will not accept the renamed column name. Restricts the number of rows. It does not group.

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SELECT Statement

The SELECT statement can print the information on the screen in a new pane. Clauses that make up the SELECT statement: SELECT FROM HWERE GROUP BY HAVING ORDER BY We can select the entire table or we can specify the columns that we want to select. for example, if we want to get all the

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