Tips for Cloudflare Firewall

The firewall rules in Cloudflare will help to protect your website from hackers and spammers.

Firewall Rule for WP-ADMIN

The firewall rule above will protect the WP-ADMIN. The action I use for this firewall is the Legacy Captcha.

This rule will forece IP’s that try to access WP-ADMIN will be forced to complete a CAPTCHA before the page is accessed.

Firewall Rule for BAD IP’s

The above firewall rule will prevent users accessing my website from those countries to get blocked. I have discovered many malicious attacks to my website coming from IP addresses from those countries.

The action selected is to BLOCK.

Firewall rule to BLOCK ACCESS to XMLRPC.PHP

Action: BLOCK

Hackers and spammers love to attack the xmlrpc.php file in WordPress. The rule above will block access to this file.

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